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Retail Overview

Retail is the core of our business, and it is expanding across the African continent. Wherever we operate, our consumers have access to high-quality goods, services, and improved convenience thanks to our contemporary, secure, and clean premises. The majority of facilities are owned by us, but operated by local dealers, lowering risk and exploiting local experience.

High-quality fuels, lubricants, convenience stores, fast service restaurants, and other services, such as lubricant supply, are all part of our retail offering. With service stations in most cities, we keep developing our retail network to keep up with demand across Africa.

Avex Petroleum Commercial Supplies

Retail Fuel

We take great satisfaction in offering our retail customers high-quality items, and we sell a variety of distinctive, high-quality fuels. We are unable to compete on price because the bulk of our markets have fuel prices that are controlled, so we differentiate ourselves from our rivals by offering these superior, distinctive, and expensive products. For the convenience of our consumers, we also provide a variety of additional non-fuel items and services. This upholds the stellar reputation that our brands enjoy.

Retail Lubricants

In the majority of our markets, we provide Shell-branded lubricants that are at the forefront of technology. Included in this is Shell Helix with PurePlus Technology, which is made at our blending facilities from natural gas and aids in cutting CO2 emissions and conserving gasoline.

In addition, we provide commercial clients with lubricants through brands like Shell Rimula. We cover a variety of industries, such as passenger cars, motorcycles, building, manufacturing, mining, power, and road transportation.


We sell LPG to both consumers and industry. For our retail clients, it serves as a greener substitute for fossil fuels like coal and is used for heating and cooking. LPG is a transition fuel that we make available wherever possible to replace carbon-intensive fuels.


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