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We are working with airlines, airports and airfields, private jet companies, flying clubs and amateur aviators to offer each of our partners a bespoke service that is suited to their needs.
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We refuel safely, punctually and reliable.
We are Avex Petroleum & Aviation!

Avex Petroleum is 100% committed to raising the bar of customer service to a new, higher level, offering our customers an exceptional standard of service


Annual Billion Litre Sales


Service Stations


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Serviced African Countries

Providing energy for growth to Africa

Using the Shell and Engen brands, we are a market-leading, pan-African retailer and distributor of premium fuels and lubricants.

In order to keep the continent moving, we source, distribute, promote, and provide these products to retail and business consumers throughout Africa.
We are continuing to create cutting-edge energy solutions to improve sustainability, and our non-fuel retail offering is expanding.

We act for you safety & environment

Every day, our teams strive to protect our employees, contracted personnel, neighboring communities, customers and installations from the potential impacts of our activities and products. Health and safety are a constant priority.
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Aviation Fuel

With a wide range of aviation fuel options available, we have the products and expertise to support all your aviation fuel needs.

Turbo Oil

We developed our premium turbo oil, a top-of-the-line product that delivers unbeatable performance and protection for your engine.

LPG gas

We provide clean LPG gas, or liquefied petroleum gas, that can be used for a variety of applications, including heating, cooking, and powering vehicles.

We help you build and scale new digital capabilities

Our commitment is to ensure we avail competitive offerings while maintaining the highest level of product quality in pursuant to international aviation standard. We are different!
  • We are filled by Quality and with several years experience in fueling.

  • We are well rooted in East Africa, We shall reach you easily.

  • We Are Certified Company. We are to give you the best.

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Catering should be an experience

Foreword from CEO

We are a leading indigenous marketer of choice, providing trusted petroleum products and aviation services in Kenya and East Africa. Our expertise spans across the provision of jetty services, marketing and distribution of LPG for retails, commercial and industrial purposes, Aviation Dispatch Handling, Storage and Hydrant Management

We believe that guaranteed customer satisfaction begins with high employee competence and experience. Our staffs are among the brightest and most dedicated employees, with relevant experiences that cut across the Aviation Fueling, Aircraft Dispatch Handling And Sales of LPG.

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